Me on a snowy day in February 2021. Photo credit: Irita Sluka

Hello! Welcome to my what's on guide.

My name’s Liz Ryan and I edit Yorkshire Theatre, which is a FREE newsletter about.... what it says on the tin!

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“…beautifully written and accessible.” Stephen Jones, Sunday Times

About Yorkshire Theatre Newsletter:

I publish my guide to the best shows and streams every other Thursday at 2pm. You can read it on the website or by email.

I also write reviews and host interviews with theatre folk. So far I’ve talked to playwrights Mike Kenny and Chris Thorpe, actress Anna-Jane Casey, director Henry Filloux-Bennett and producer Pete Toon. That's by email and on the website too.

Finally, there are bits and pieces of ‘sign-up only’ content — mostly theatre-related, newsy stuff that doesn’t have a natural fit with the Thursday guide. It’s still free but it’s by email and you can’t read it on the website.

About Me:

I’m an accidental playwright who, after graduating from a posh university with a ‘serious’ degree (Politics, Philosophy & Economics), fell down a theatre rabbit hole. Life instantly became a lot more interesting.

I ended up as part of PA Media’s Arts & Events team, creating listings content for The Guardian, The Times and a host of other newspapers.

My arts, lifestyle and travel pieces have appeared around the world, and in publications as varied as The Scotsman, the Irish Independent and the Yorkshire Post.

I even had the opportunity to travel abroad and watch performance in unlikely places:

Dancer in spectacular Portuguese mountain setting watched by audience members.
Dance performance in Portugal (copyright Joao Mariano for 365 Algarve)

That's me in the cork hat. I like hats!

Then, in 2020, at the height of the global pandemic, The Guardian newspaper remodelled their Saturday offering and the print product I was working on ceased to exist.

But when one door closes, another opens. This newsletter more than fills the listings gap for Yorkshire readers — and for anyone who visits the region as a tourist too.

Liz x

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Personal Statement Of Integrity

Finally, I believe in a liberal approach to social justice. This asserts the right and capacity of individuals to make up their own minds ‘irrespective of their race, gender, sexuality, class, biological sex or any other group or immutable characteristic’.

In other words, in true Yorkshire fashion I dislike being told what I have to think and I express this view forcefully on occasion.

I am a member of the Free Speech Union and donate to Counterweight, which offers help and advice to people adversely affected by the culture wars.